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five stars

"4 days later, I've still got a big smile on my face.”- 2015 Participant

About us

The Bucket Project curates mysterious adventures, big and small, to create the conditions for people to:

  • Have the opportunity to explore life options outside of their usual context. To open eyes, to help people see the world anew.
  • Meet and find solidarity with other people on the same journey.
  • Become happier, and to live more fulfilling lives by experiencing gratitude, savouring the present, giving, having purpose, being empathic.
  • Realise that business is a great structure in which to do all that, so long as we open our eyes and see material wealth for what it really is: a good thing, and an enabler, not a driver of happiness and ‘success’.

The Bucket Project combines the best of:

  • Personal reflection
  • Normality and lightness
  • Dialogue
  • Mystery, excitement and theatre
  • Nature, and craft
  • Leading and purpose

What we do

We curate multi day adventures taking small groups into wild and inspiring places to experience new things, feel fear, exhilaration, true tiredness. We provide headspace, challenging questions and help generate options. We help a group of strangers forge friendships that will sustain them on their journeys. Find out more

We’ve reinvented business networking: abandoning board rooms and hotel function suites for the great outdoors. Our business clubs meet monthly in mysterious circumstances, never knowing what might happen next. Over the course of a year members develop their leadership skills, get personal clarity and build deep and lasting relationships with their peers. Find out more

We offer alternative leader and team development programmes to help participants understand how they shape and influence the culture in their organisations. We show them what they can do to make positive change. Participants seek for a meaningful purpose and explore ways use that to energise their organisation. They develop strategies to get the best from their people while helping them get where they need to be. Find out more

We partner with existing networks to introduce their members to adventure and development. We help our partners build more meaningful communities of peers, supporting each other, learning from each other and embarking on adventures together. The networks become stronger, richer and more enduring. Find out more

Why did we call it the Bucket Project?

There’s an idea that business could be about more than just making money. If all our work was driven by meaningful purpose. If we measured success by what got better and not who got richer. If the people that did the work were able not just to feed, house and raise their families, but also fulfill their dreams, see their hopes realised and live the lives they aspire to, ticking items off their bucket lists because and through the work they do…

That would do.

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five stars

“The surrounding, cosy accommodation, wonderful food, not knowing, not controlling the day / time schedule / activities / food - nothing, people / company, being without wifi a lot of the time, trying new things!”...Participant 2016

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