Space to think, time to relax

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"Thank you for giving me the chance to say yes.”- Participant 2015


What is the bucket project?. An idea, a feeling, an experience, a way of life? Maybe an elaborate waste of time and money. Who knows?

Space to think, to be. Freedom from responsibility, from decisions. Exposure to beauty, to nature, to fear and wonder.

You may find yourself cursing the curiosity that compels you to say yes, but it might just be the best thing you ever do. It might even change your life and the lives of others in profoundly wonderful ways.

Our lives and the way we run them can be vehicles for amazing things: if we just allow them to.

Better businesses, happier lives. Is that a worthwhile enquiry?

We’ll give you a time, an airport and a list of things to bring.

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five stars

“It was only 3 and a half days, but it felt like both a blink of the eye and a 2 week holiday. Utterly inspired and back with a spring in my step and a grin that I can't and don't want to get rid of”...Participant 2015

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