Always be open to unexpected encounters

five stars

“Feeling liberated and excited about new adventures, opportunities, challenges, and fun ” - Participant 2016


We'd like to work with existing networks and groups who share our frustrations with the usual way of things.

If you are part of a network or want to start one and share our desire to do new things, see the world in new ways and build businesses based on meaningful purpose and positive human experiences we’d like to work with you.

We are open to new ideas and novel ways of collaborating. We value transparency and fairness. We want to enjoy what we do and see others benefiting from our efforts.

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five stars

“The intrigue, the surprises. The fantastic selection of people - all of an even temperament, willing to give things a go and let things happen. No dominant figures trying to take over or drag things down. Loved the activities - big long walks enabling conversation... Food magnificent. I would have loved another day”...Participant 2015

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