See the light...
So much of the time we make ourselves so busy...

Let's shine a light.

Striving in your work for success, recognition, to meet the desires and needs of your families, and co-workers' families.

Always you look for efficiency, for ways to be more productive. To squeeze more in.

It can feel overwhelming. It can be hard to focus. In truth it takes its toll on us and those we love.

This year's Bucket Project is about making space, a new context where everything else gets left behind. In the still magnificence of the mountains we'll create the slack in the system to see what really matters for you, for your work, for your friends and families.

We all need that slack. Without it we've nothing left for the unexpected. And it's those closest to us that feel the burn.

Come with us if you've hard choices to make. Come with us if it's just getting too much. Come with us if you need to create options. Come with us if you long for adventure, mystery, the unknown. Come for friendship. Come for inspiration.

Come for yourself.

Find your light...


October 7-10

£1,500 + VAT

- Only 10 spaces available -